At W | A Associates our staff members are constantly looking ahead at new research and technologies aimed at developing design solutions that promote a healthier environment. Our technical knowledge of building systems can help clients and professionals improve building performance, and design more sustainable structures.

W | A Associates offers consultation to homeowners and fellow professionals to assist in the design of energy efficient buildings using Passive House Standards.

With our commitment to a better, cleaner, and sustainable world, we have put in place many internal programs, such as aggressive recycling efforts and far-reaching use of computer technologies and digital systems that drastically reduce our paper consumption.

We provide constant in-house training and support, and encourage our employees to become members of progressive organizations such as USGBC and Build it Green to increase their awareness, understanding, and skills relating to the latest technologies available. This ensures that our staff has the necessary knowledge and tools required to assist clients in making their buildings as efficient and sustainable as possible

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