Sustainable Business Practices

What W | A Associates is doing to help:



Efforts are made to reduce the use of paper, as well as non-recyclable materials within the office.

Whenever possible, old equipment is offered for reuse, or donated to local charitable organizations.

Recycling efforts are strongly encouraged office-wide with recycling stations for cans, bottles and plastics, and recyclable office supplies are sent to special recycling/reuse centers.   



Energy conservation is encouraged with the use of low energy light fixtures, pre-programmed thermostats, and staff carpooling to company events.



Air filters are changed monthly to ensure good indoor air quality

Doors are left open in good weather for ventilation and to reduce reliance on air-conditioning




 W | A Associates is moving toward becoming a paperless office! Incoming and outgoing correspondence are all digitized unless paper copies are specifically requested by clients. 

The use of plastic water bottles has been reduced with the installation of water filtration systems in office kitchen areas. 

In order to reduce the use of disposable paper, plastic and Styrofoam food items, each staff member has been provided with a reusable coffee mug, and all are encouraged to utilize personal lunch utensils and dishes in lieu of plastic silverware and paper plates.



In addition to lunchtime seminars offered to all staff regarding green building practices & technology, several staff members have obtained certifications from the USGBC and  Build It Green.

W | A Associates has become an ENERGY STAR partner.

Every staff member has received a copy of The Green Book, which provides hundreds of green solutions for all areas of life, and pinpoints the smallest changes that have the biggest impact on the health of the planet.