PowerPoint & Trial Board Design 

PowerPoint presentations can be a powerful tool for introducing case evidence. W | A Associates has years of experience designing successful slide presentations in combination with other graphic solutions, such as photo montage, illustrations, 3D drawings and animations.



The above slide Illustrates the type and extent of deficiencies. All of the colored dots were linked to photographs of observed defects. When the presenter clicked on any of the dots the photo of the defect found in that location would open up on the screen, very successfully illustrating the extent of defects affecting this building.



This is a slide from a PowerPoint presentation using 3D graphic software to illustrate issues being represented.



We can create
 3D graphic animations to use within a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate a complex idea, or building assembly. 
(Click on image to view the animation.)



W | A Associates can provide general assistance with slide design and layout so your evidence is clear, concise and easy to understand.



Trial Board Design

W/A can create large format trial boards that clearly demonstrate case issues.