Photographic Montage 

Photographic montage can be essential to convey issues and solutions to graphically or technically untrained clients, consultants, and members of the jury during trial

View Disputes

3D models of a proposed building were painstakingly inserted into these photographs to illustrate a view dispute regarding a proposed addition. (The red mark in the second image represents the San Francisco skyline, which would have been totally blocked by the new residence.)


Illustrating Proposed Repairs

LANDSLIDE REPAIR:  These photos illustrate the devastation of a landslide originating on an neighboring property uphill, and the proposed repairs to stabilize the hillside and repair the landscape of the downhill neighbor.


A photograph illustrating an existing condition after landslide

A montage illustrating proposed repairs consisting of stepped retaining walls proposed by the downhill homeowner.


A montage illustrating repairs to the landslide proposed by the uphill neighbor, which consist of a single retaining wall back-filled with boulders.


PROPOSED DRIVEWAY & RETAINING WALL INSTALLATION: The following photographs demonstrate how a potential driveway and retaining wall installation might visually impact a neighborhood.
This photograph illustrates the existing street condition before city-required retaining walls and paved road have been installed.

This photo montage illustrates the proposed solution, including new paving, a wider driveway, and ivy-covered retaining walls.

The same issue from another view.
Before at left. After, right.