Graphic Illustrations 


An image is worth a thousand words.

Not everyone is able to visualize technical, engineering or architectural drawings, which is why a simple and colorful illustration can be essential to convey issues and solutions to graphically or technically untrained clients, consultants, and members of a jury during trial.



Illustrating Proposed Buildings


The green area in the image at left illustrates the city-allowed restrictions for the building envelope. In this case, every part of the structure that projects beyond the green mass is built illegally and is not compliant with the code.

Sequenced Graphics

We can create illustrations that show actual or intended building sequences. This can be very effective in illustrating why a planned building sequence is faulty, or to show proposed repairs to remedy issues a building might have.

The above sequence illustrates observed damage to a building facade, and why the proposed repair will not be an effective solution since it leaves metal components exposed to the elements.


The sequence above illustrates proposed repairs to the waterproofing system.



Illustrating Building Layers & Components