Animations can be used to convey information that would otherwise require dozens of individual drawings. They are also very helpful for those who have difficulties visualize technical, engineering or architectural drawings. A simple and colorful animation can be essential to convey issues and solutions to graphically or technically untrained clients, consultants, or members of a jury during trial.


3D animation tools used to demonstrate complex conditions

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The following animation was prepared to demonstrate that this house was built outside of the allowable building envelope.

Because of the complexity of the zoning requirements which would have required dozens of illustrations to address each condition of the site, a 3D mass representing all the requirements was created. 

The semi-transparent green shape represents the limits of the building envelope as defined by the local Planning and Zoning requirements. All elements of the house that can be seen outside of this shape are in breach of the zoning regulations.





This next animation was created to illustrate that all the steel reinforcements called for on a set of structural drawings for a concrete masonry unit wall could not be installed as specified. The reinforcements as designed (in 4 separate details) could not fit within the concrete block cells while also leaving adequate room for the cement to be poured. The impossibility of this building task was effectively demonstrated in the animation below.