3D Graphics
3D modeling and graphics are effective tools applied to clearly illustrate complex conditions, describe difficult technical concepts, and convey issues to virtually any audience, whether or not they are technically trained.


View Disputes

Importing a 3D model into Google Earth can be a powerful way to illustrate case issues. The graphics below illustrate the effect a proposed addition would have on the views of its neighbor.

Shadow Studies

We can perform accurate shadow studies on building models, using software that takes into account actual geographic coordinates, time of year and time of day to illustrate impacts on case study.


3D Views

The ability to generate 3D views in any direction facilitates communication of issues with graphically or technically untrained members of the jury during trial.


3D Building Details

3D detailing can be used to better illustrate otherwise complex assemblies in a single drawing, as opposed to multiple details. This method for illustrating assemblies is becoming more widespread in the building industry because it is so successful as a communication tool between the architect or engineer and the builder.



3D Renderings

3D renderings provide a clear understanding of the design direction and impact to clients or juries who may have difficulties with conventional plans and elevations.